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March 14, 2019

Scalingo CLI 1.10 with addon logs, backups download and more

We release today the 1.10 version of our CLI tool: database backups download and database logs are here!
November 20, 2015

Release of Scalingo CLI 1.2.0

Another load of new features for Scalingo command line utility. We’re introducing here the first brick of our application monitoring stack, the subcommand ‘stats’. Alongside this new feature, the UX has been improved for the ‘logs’, ‘run’ and ‘db-tunnel’ commands. These changes will help you being more efficient when m
October 02, 2015

heroku2scalingo: migrate from Heroku to Scalingo in a minute

We’ve always promoted the fact that we’re utterly compatible with Heroku, from Procfile support to 12factor adherence (with a very nice environment variables management). We’re going one step further by releasing today a first version of heroku2scalingo, a tool to easily migrate your app from Heroku to Scalingo.
September 15, 2015

Scalingo CLI 1.1.0: smart completion and improved UX

Update : Scalingo CLI 1.1.1 has been released, look at the end of the post for more details. During these past weeks, the command line client scalingo has been greatly improved, adding new features that will enhance your working environment and productivity. These features include the smart completion of every command
May 06, 2015

Release of Scalingo CLI 1.0.0

After several pre-release of our command line client scalingo commonly refered as Scalingo CLI, we are releasing the first stable version: 1.0.0. It is now simpler than ever to access your databases.