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April 09, 2021

12 reasons why your app won’t scale

Scaling is being able to handle more traffic (more page views, more simultaneous users) without service degradation. It is needed when your service works well and attract new users, your growth is viral, your app appears on a TV show or just after you shoot an email to your 250k prospects. To be able to scale, you and
May 16, 2019

Open Sourcing SAND, Scalingo's Networking Daemon

First introduced by Scalingo in January 2019, SAND is an autonomous service managing overlay networks that integrates with Docker.
November 30, 2017

Announcing Scalingo OpenVPN Addon: An Easy Way To Connect Your Private Infrastructure

We are glad to announce the release of a new addon on the platform: Scalingo OpenVPN.
July 28, 2016

Introducing the new Metrics view: container resource monitoring using InfluxDB

Since November 2015, the Scalingo CLI has provided container resource usage in real time. Sometimes you have to dig deeper to truly understand the behaviours of your app. You need to see the evolution of these values to make sense out of them. That’s why we’ve been working on a new metrics view for the Scalingo Dashboa
June 21, 2016

One more step in the Docker Ecosystem with our new Docker addon

It is not a secret that since day one, Docker has been an important piece of our infrastructure. Our ambition is to go towards more integration in the Docker ecosystem. As a first step in that direction, today we are releasing a new add-on: the Docker image add-on. You will now be able to download the Docker images Sca
April 22, 2016

Docker Image Building Strategy and The Fantasy of Image Size Reduction

At Scalingo, we’re using Docker as a core tool of our infrastructure. We’ve bet on it since its early days to build this PaaS. Our customers send their code, we transform it to a Docker image, which is executed in our infrastructure. We’ve read quite often that optimizing the size of Docker images is a kind of Holy Gra
March 03, 2016

VPN IPsec addon: connect your Scalingo apps to your protected infrastructure

Sometimes, your application may need to reach an infrastructure which is not opened to the Internet and the only way to access the services or databases in this infrastructure is to create a VPN connection and join the private network of this infrastructure. This addon provides a way to create VPN connections from your
April 27, 2015

Docker Containers Monitoring

At its core, Scalingo is about running Docker containers. Each of these containers has to be monitored in order to get meaningful data for our users and for us as a provider. At the APIDays Berlin and APIStrat Europe 2015 event, I gave a talk about the different APIs which can be used to monitor containers on a server.