Host your Haskell app, magically

Focus on your app development, Haskell cloud hosting becomes instant and easy

Haskell hosting on Scalingo

No server to manage, nor operating system, just push your code, we take care of the rest everything from there. And voilà, 2 minutes later, your website is online.

Make yourself and your customers happy, concentrate on your read added value: your code!

Deploying, scaling and managing your Haskell app is a problem from the past.

What's included?

Real time metrics, queries and logs

For easy monitoring and auditing.

Collaborators and roles

Get the control of your tech team

Security built-in

Scalingo auto-heals itself from security vulnerabilities in OS, databases and application stacks

Custom domains & SSL

Connect your custom domain, easily add https with transparent and automatic Let's Encrypt integration.

Databases as a Service

Provision in seconds any database from our marketplace of add-ons

GitHub integration

On-the-fly app deployment from GitHub branches or Pull Requests

How does it work?

  • Build a Haskell application

    Git push your code, your application stack and dependencies are detected and packaged into a Docker image.

  • Deploy it in 2 minutes

    Dedicated resources are allocated for your application. All your containers are isolated from others.

  • Scale instantly as you grow

    Define instantly how many containers you need. No matter if you scale up or down, we bill by the minutes.

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