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Your data’s safety is not just a priority, it’s a certified guarantee, backed by rigourous compliance measures for your peace of mind.
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Unlock efficiency with our intuitive interface, designed to simplify complex DevOps processes. So you can focus on what matters most — your code!
Our robust infrastructure guarantees the highest level of performance, minimizing downtime and maximizing reliability for a seamless user experience.
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With Scalingo, you don’t just get hosting; you gain a reliable partner, committed to your success. Our team is there to assist you every step of the way.
With auto-scaling, your healthcare apps seamlessly and dynamically adapt to fluctuating demands for optimal performance.
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Streamline your development process with Scalingo's extensive language support and ready-to-use buildpacks for effortless application deployment.

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Dozens of key healthcare players across the industry trust Scalingo to host their most sensitive data . Our hosting solutions and data safety protocols make us the perfect choice, no matter your niche:
HDS certified hosting for Healthcare Facilities
Healthcare Facilities
HDS certified hosting for the Health Tech industry
Health Tech Companies
HDS certified hosting for Public Health Services
Public Health Services
HDS certified hosting for Medical Laboratories
Medical Laboratories
HDS certified hosting for medical research institutes
Medical research institutes
Hébergement certifié HDS pour mutuelles et assurances
Health Insurance
HDS hosting for complementary insurance
Complementary Insurance
HDS certified hosting for Pharmaceuticals
Pharma Projects
Hds certified Hosting for Health Education
Health Education
HDS Hosting for Device Manufacturers
Device Manufacturers

They chose Scalingo to host
their Health Tech projects

“ We were specifically looking for an HDS host, and it's indeed reassuring in this sector to have data centers in France. ”
Elsa Kiefer,
@OTEO Care
“ I'm proud to have found a French player that is as competitive, efficient, and effective as international counterparts. ”
Florian Le Goff,
Co-Founder et CEO

Looking for a HDS-certified host for a client project?

Agencies. Calls for Tenders. Consultants. We are used to working with you!
Save time: We quickly provide you with all the documents and information needed to make an informed decision.
Controlled budget: We adapt to the budgetary constraints of your customers by guaranteeing cost control, without compromising on the quality of service.
Peace of mind: Your data is safe with our highly availabile cloud platform (SLA up to 99.9%). And for your most sensitive projects, a MCO (Maintenance in Operational Condition) service can be offered.

Why HDS Hosting matters

HDS hosting goes beyond regulations; it secures patient data in the digital era. Scalingo ensures your healthcare data thrives in a compliant and trusted environment at all times.
Data Security Assurance: HDS hosting ensures a robust security framework, safeguarding sensitive health data against cyber threats and unauthorized access
Regulatory compliance: Meeting stringent healthcare regulations is paramount. HDS hosting guarantees compliance, reducing legal riskq and ensuring data integrity.
Operational Continuity: In the healthcare sector, uninterrupted access to data is critical. HDS hosting minimizes downtime, esnuring continous operations and timely patient care.
Reputation Protection: Data breaches can tarnish an organization's reputation. HDS hosting mitigates this risk, preserving the reputation of healthcare entities and promoting trust in the industry.

Activate legal compliance
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More than half of all cyber attacks target the healthcare sector. In France, the use of an approved HDS (Health Data Hosting) certified host is mandatory for most health-related activities. In other countries, it remains highly recommended.
Scalingo is proudly HDS-certified across all six layers, guaranteeing seamless alignment with healthcare regulations. Our compliance approach ensures your data is not just secure, but also regulatory ready.
Our multi-layered security features, from self-healing to SecNumCloud qualified regions, keep your health data protected without comproimising ease of use.
Data entrusted to us is hosted and secured on certified Outscale SecNumCloud 3.2 datacenters. It never leaves France!
To benefit from Scalingo’s HDS certification, it’s as simple as checking the dedicated box during your registration. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting behind the scenes, and guide you on the points to check on your end.

Certifications and Compliance Hub

Health Data Host
Deploy your applications 3x faster on Scalingo's HDS-certified cloud.
ISO 27OO1 certified
This international standard defines the security standards for an organization's information security management system.
SecNumCloud Core
Scalingo offers a SecNumCloud-qualified region on 3DS Outscale's certified datacenters in France, and is working on obtaining its own SecNumCloud visa.

Scalingo is there for you!

HDS certification aims to strengthen the protection of personal health data and build a trusted environment around e-health and patient monitoring.

It relies on frameworks that include compliance with ISO standards and allows the certification of any entity hosting health data by an accredited independent organization.

Personal health data is sensitive information, and its access is regulated by law to protect individuals' rights. Consequently, hosting such data must be carried out under conditions of security adapted to its critical nature. Regulations define the expected modalities and conditions.

For more information, please visit :

Yes, the Scalingo platform has been HDS certified since September 12, 2022. We were, in fact, the first French and European Platform-as-a-Service to obtain this certification.

Our certificate bears the number 38436, issued by LNE, and is valid until September 11, 2025.

Scalingo is one of the few market players to have obtained the HDS certification for all activities related to hosting health data (scopes 1 to 6). This includes the following points:

1. Provision and maintenance of physical sites for hosting the hardware infrastructure of the information system used for health data processing.

2. Provision and maintenance of the hardware infrastructure of the information system used for health data processing.

3. Provision and maintenance of the hosting platform for the information system's applications.

4. Provision and maintenance of the virtual infrastructure of the information system used for health data processing.

5. Administration and operation of the information system containing health data.

6. External backups of health data.

To benefit from Scalingo's HDS certification, simply activate it by checking the dedicated box during your registration. Please note that at the end of your free trial, activating this certification will automatically incur additional costs. Contact us to learn more.

The certification is available at any time directly on the platform, at the following address:

As a certified-HDS host, we are obligated to maintain a list of points of contact for each of our clients. This contact person must be able to designate a healthcare professional to us at any time when necessary (examples: access to health data, managing patient relations, etc.).

Maintaining Operational Conditions (MCO) is an additional service we offer to our clients for all sensitive projects and can include:
- Implementation of 24/7 on-call support with equipped incident management processes.
- Probes, monitoring, and communication tools enable real-time reporting and facilitate crisis management.
- Resolution of incidents requiring rare and specialized troubleshooting skills.

Scalingo has indeed been selected by UGAP (the public sector procurement agency). Since 2020, we have been supporting public and quasi-public entities, local authorities, and ministries that trust us to host and protect the data of French citizens and businesses, all within a controlled budget.

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