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Scalingo's pricing is made to help you optimise your hosting cost. Deploy now and scale when you need.
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We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal and SEPA payments.

All our services are billed by the minute. At the end of each month you will receive an invoice that will include all services that you've used on the platform, pro-rata billed.

No, when you enter a card, we only verify the card. Your card is charged at the end of the billing cycle.

No, if you live outside of the EU. If you live inside the EU we'll apply the VAT MOSS EU directive:
If you live in France taxes will be added.
If you live in EU outside of France and you provided a valid VAT number, taxes won't be added.
If you live in EU outside of France and you didn't provide a VAT number, taxes will be added with the rate defined in your country.

We use the Gigabyte-Hour (GB·h) unit measure for disk usage. This is a storage unit that sums, for each hour, the number of stored gigabytes on the disk.

At the end of each month, we will check the sum for each instance storing data of average disk usage per hour, for each hour of the days of the previous month

In other words, if this sum is over your monthly allocated GB·h, each Gigabyte-Hour will be billed with the following rates:

- €0.0007/Gigabyte-hour for apps on osc-fr1 region
- €0.0008333/Gigabyte-hour for apps on snc-fr1 region

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30 days free trial / No credit card required / Hosted in Europe