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Scalingo's pricing is made to help you optimise your hosting cost. Deploy now and scale when you need.
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On Scalingo you are billed by the minute depending on your needs and what you consume. Our price for hosting an app start at 7,20 euros a month.
Our pricing page is there to give you an estimate of what you'll be billed depending on your needs. After subscribing to Scalingo you will get a 30days free trial. After 30 days you will have to enter a credit card (or paypal account) to continue using our service.
Yes! It is possible to get a bigger plan for a database. You will need to contact our technical support directly via chat (on the dashboard after subscribing) or per e-mail at the following adress This will help us monitor the usage of those plans.

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30 days free trial / No credit card required / Hosted in Europe
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