Building the state-of-the-art PaaS with you

Looking for a passionate team who works hard to build the state-of-the-art sovereign PaaS solution? Join us!
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We grow up as fast as you do

Created in 2015 and located in Strasbourg, in France, we are today a remote-first company with over 600 clients across the world.

Our mission is to help developers focus on their product development without having to manage tedious system administration tasks.

We value transparency, teamwork, fairness, sovereignty, operational excellence, and we aim at building a platform that allows developers to deploy their projects in less than 2 minutes.

Our culture

Team Players
We are all responsible for our product, support, wellness of our colleagues and satisfaction of our clients. Mistakes are part of the process.
Either on One on One or during our Continuous Improvement Meetings all voices count. Everyone's work has a real impact in the company's success.
Continuous Improvement
We aim to be a team of top performer focusing on improving our product and client support to build the best Platform as a Service in the market.
We have been remote-friendly for quite some time. Now we are full remote.
We are open and honest about our activities. We share the same level of information.
We value giving to everyone the opportunity to be heard.

Our locations

Strasbourg, France
Paris, France
Lille, France
Nancy, France
Besançon, France
Lyon, France