Supported databases

Scalingo supports several type of databases so you can focus on your real added value without doing any DevOps or system administration. DBaaS service paid at the minute!
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Supported databases

On Scalingo you can host multiple type of Databases thanks to our database addon. Just choose your database and deploy it in the cloud in a couple of minutes.

Scalingo the
European PaaS

Your data in safe hands with a sovereign Platform as a Service.
European company with customers all over the world.
GDPR compliant, HDS and ISO 27001 certified. Your data is safe with us.
Datacenters located in Paris, France.

Multiply your tech team productivity

free capacity for your tech team
happiness and ⅓ less of the cost of previous infrastructure

Sleep well
Scalingo is here for you

Scalingo offers a top-notch product to deploy any kind of web application.
Scale automatically with the autoscaling feature. Enjoy Continuous Deployment without handling servers.
High Availability (up to 99,9% SLA) and automatic backups. Host any kind of languages with buildpacks. Always find up to date versions.
Security built-in: Scalingo auto-heals itself from security vulnerabilities in OS, databases and application stacks.

You will never be alone again

We provide high value customer service.
Expert and human technical support (Median response time: 10 minutes).
DevOps experts available via chat or e-mail. No tickets or waiting list to get an answer.
Complete documentation available.
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Scalingo is there for you!

On Scalingo we host the main databases in the market: MySQL®, PostgreSQL®, MongoDB®, Redis®, ElasticSearch®, InfluxDB®. Scalingo offers Database as a Service which means you can deploy a Database in minutes!

Scalingo hosts your data in France with our partner Outscale that belongs to Dassault Systèmes.

For specific needs you can contact our support directly. We generally answer in a couple of minutes.

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