Customer Testimonials

Inspiring tales of apps and companies that Scalingo platform helped build and grow.

Dernier Cri

The web agency that uses Scalingo to support several dozen startups per year with only…

We may have specific requests. Whether Scalingo can solve them or not, in any case, you study them and we have someone on the phone to talk about them. Now that's great!


How Scalingo enabled HomeCinéSolutions to increase its productivity to increase its…

We switched to Scalingo because it's european and also because in terms of costs and performance they are far better than the others.


Saving developers time by reducing Ops intervention with the help of Scalingo
Besançon, France

HipTest has been hosted on Scalingo since December 2015 and today we can easily keep up an average of 1500 RPM!

Running Germany's largest online donation platform on Scalingo's Platform as a Service
Berlin, Germany

We scaled up to 20 XL containers and processed almost 500,000 € of viewer’s donations.


Supporting the growth of the biggest European platform dedicated to electromobility with…
Strasbourg, France

We can focus on what we should do the best: satisfying Chargemap's users.


The SaaS ERP for wine estates hosted on Scalingo
Dijon, France

It's like having a team of sysadmins and architects in your company for the price of an online service!


Building an IoT Platform for The Smart City on Scalingo
Valencia, Spain

The jewel in the crown for us is the new TCP Gateway add-on.


The Service To Increase Employee Satisfaction Hosted on Scalingo
Saarlouis, Germany

We really appreciate that Scalingo is deeply engaged in data protection compliance.


The Platform to Power On-demand Commerce Powered by Scalingo
Perth, Australia

When you combine price, performance, features, flexibility and support Scalingo is overall significantly better than the alternatives.


Organizing the daily life of more than 100.000 Austrian students
Graz, Austria

The customer support is overwhelming, and it is one of the few pure European hosting companies that support all the latest technologies.

Roskilde Festival

From 0 to 50GB MongoDB in 3 Days Without Breaking a Sweat (Almost)
Roskilde, Denmark

We had about 46.000 clients in total during 3 days sending data every 15 seconds while we scaled up to 10 XL containers relying on an 8G MongoDB database.

Wall of love

Nico Kamenzky
Nico Kamenzky March 14, 2019

I am using Scalingo since early 2016, am scaling up my app bit by bit, and look forward to many more years of using their great infrastructure! The reason I chose them over other providers is how easy their tooling makes the deployment. Thanks to the zero downtime deployment I am actually releasing little features for my SaaS multiple times a day without any issues…

Bob Maerten
Bob Maerten August 27, 2018

Scalingo représente tout ce qui fait qu'on apprécie un service et qu'on est content de payer pour. Non seulement c'est extrêmement bien pensé (avec les problématiques des développeurs en tête), mais l'équipe est très disponible et très sympathique. Parfois on croit avoir atteint les limites de la plateforme et une petite conversation avec le staff ou leur newsletter régulière nous fait découvrir de nouvelles possibilités.

François Aubeut
François Aubeut June 03, 2018

Impressive hosting service. The interface is the easiest to use I've seen. The team is always responding really fast to any problem. Their product is up to date and constantly improving. I tried a few others and Scalingo is definitly a great choice.

Yuri Hellyn
Yuri Hellyn August 29, 2017

The people at Scalingo have been extremely quick and helpful. There’s also a clear progress in their infrastructure as they continue to release new features and improvements. We highly recommend!

Christian Lanz
Christian Lanz October 18, 2016

Great support team! Answer your tickets even on the weekend.

Julien Nacci
Julien Nacci July 28, 2016

Support Incroyable ! Scalingo est à Heroku ce que Capitaine Train est à Voyage SNCF.

Andreas Wennberg
Andreas Wennberg July 13, 2016

Hands down the best Meteor hosting service I have tried. Incredibly easy deployment and the best support I have experienced. Would recommend to anyone! Thank you!

DigitalAndre January 18, 2016

Super service, extremely easy to use, and FANTASTIC support. Can't recommend it more unless they add more than 5 stars.