TCP Gateway addon

Deploy TCP apps as easily as web apps

Discover the TCP Gateway addon

The TCP Gateway addon allows TCP applications to be deployed, scaled and managed as easily as web applications on Scalingo.
No server to manage, nor operating system, just push your code, we take care of the rest. Try Scalingo today and get 30 days free trial.

What's included?

Intelligent gateway

Automatic failover and connections dispatching to your application containers.

Seamless integration

Enjoy the hassle free world of web developers on Scalingo. No servers nore sysadmin, just push your code, the platform takes care of the rest.

Pricing of TCP Gateway add-on

Plan Description Price/month

Create a public TCP gateway to the tcp containers of your application

Incoming connections are load-balanced among available containers

Free 0.0
Billing is done by the minute. Price displayed is computed for a total of 30 days. For all your TCP Gateway specific needs, ask sales.

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