We bring magic to tech teams

From small startups to large companies, developers deserve to be happy and have great tools when they develop powerful apps.

Scalingo is a high-availability (99.9% SLA) Platform as a Service (PaaS).
Our mission is to remove the pain of handling servers, application stacks, software dependencies and databases.
We bring magic to tech teams by providing a fully managed and production-ready hosting platform for all your web and IoT projects.
Scalingo is about empowering software teams to manage entire application lifecycles without direct involvement of ops/admin.
total applications hosted on Scalingo
users billed each month for running applications
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request handled each days by our infrastructure
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Who we are

Bringing magic needs magicians

Jean BERTRAND Full-Stack Developer
Cyrille COLON Software Engineer & Tech Lead
Pierre-Gilles CURZOLA Back-end Engineer
Luca FANCELLO Head of Growth
Jonathan HURTER Grumpy developer
Yannick JOST Head of Security & Compliance
Yann KLIS Co-founder & CEO
Étienne Michon R&D Engineer
Kevin SOŁTYSIAK Full-Stack Developer
Leo UNBEKANDT Co-founder & CTO
Brandon Welsch Junior Cloud & Security Engineer
Thomas WICKHAM Business Development Executive

Our locations

Strasbourg, France


Paris, France


Lille, France