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July 02, 2021

How Covidliste is helping 1 million people to get vaccinated with Scalingo

The incredible story of a team of volunteers that gave 1 million people the opportunity to get vaccinated faster.
June 28, 2021

Scalingo the european alternative to Heroku

Looking for an alternative to Heroku? You are at the right place with Scalingo, the leading european PaaS.
June 23, 2021

Autoscaling: automagically scale your application based on your application metrics

Autoscaling feature is made globally available on Scalingo!
May 28, 2021

MySQL clusters are now globally available on Scalingo

MySQL Clusters are now globally available on Scalingo!
May 16, 2021

Introduction to Using Storybook in a Vue.js Project

Looking for a starting point about Storybook in a Vue.js project? Here is our introduction guide to Storybook in a Vue project.
April 20, 2021

Gitaly at Scalingo: Explaining the complete redesign of how we host your application git repositories

At Scalingo, we recently tackled a complete redesign of how we host your application git repositories. We wanted to share with you the reason behind this redesign (bye bye NFS), the choice we made (good morning Gitaly), and how we implemented it.
April 16, 2021

Data Resiliency at Scalingo

For a couple of weeks now, some of our users and clients have been increasingly curious on the support chat about data resiliency at Scalingo. That's why we decided to sum it all up about your databases and applications hosting in a diagram of data flows.
April 09, 2021

12 reasons why your app won’t scale

Scaling is being able to handle more traffic (more page views, more simultaneous users) without service degradation. It is needed when your service works well and attract new users, your growth is viral, your app appears on a TV show or just after you shoot an email to your 250k prospects. To be able to scale, you and
March 15, 2021

PHP 8 is available on Scalingo!

PHP 8.0 is a major update of the PHP language. We made it available on Scalingo!
February 09, 2021

FinOps : How to optimize the cost of the cloud?

Everything you need to know about FinOps with our guide: the reasons for its existence, optimization solutions and best practices for its implementation.
February 01, 2021

How Studo an austrian company is using Scalingo to do FaaS?

Studo is making the best of a Paas features to do serverless like a FaaS.
January 20, 2021

What is Serveless? A complete guide.

The guide to understand everything about serverless: its advantages and disadvantages, use cases, best practices and the reasons for its growing popularity.