Scalingo OpenVPN addon

Reach private infrastructure through OpenVPN tunnels

Reach private infrastructure

Sometimes, your application may need to reach an infrastructure which is not opened to the Internet and the only way to access the services or databases in this infrastructure is to create a VPN connection and join the private network of this infrastructure. This addon provides a way to create OpenVPN connections from your application containers in a seamless manner.

Seamless integration

Enter your credentials in the web dashboard and enjoy a seamless and joyful integration. Tunnels follows your application containers lifecycle: they are automatically started when your application starts and automatically shutoff when your application is stopped.

Automatic reconnection

Our scheduler monitors the activity of the encrypted tunnels and restart them automatically.

Pricing of Scalingo OpenVPN

Plan Description Price/month

Unlimited traffic

30.00 €
Billing is done by the minute. Price displayed is computed for a total of 30 days.

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