Scalingo is available in many regions of the world. Each region is independent and autonomous for a better data sovereignty.
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Scalingo in many regions of the world

Our datacenters

Paris, France
3DS Outscale (eu-west-2) ISO 27001 and HDS certified 
Paris/SecNumCloud, France
3DS Outscale (cloudgouv-eu-west-1) ISO 27001 and HDS certified 

Datacenters on demand

New-York, US
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San Francisco, US
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Tokyo, Japan
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Scalingo is there for you!

Our solution is based on the infrastructure proposed by 3DS Outscale, which are currently our sole and main IaaS provider.

Our main goal at Scalingo is to provide the best experience for developers by building the best PaaS on the market, and to proceed with our objective we decided to create an ecosystem of trust.

3DS Outscale’s datacenters allows us to maintain a consolidated level of security and provide you with the high availability experience.

A region refers to the target of deployment and provisioning of resources. It’s a set of infrastructure and services operated by Scalingo on top of specific IaaS region., and each region is independent from the others.

The regions offered by Scalingo are based on regions provided by 3DS Outscale, which are composed of two Availabilty Zones (AZ) that are linked to each others. Each AZ is a specific datacenter.

As of today, Scalingo is certified ISO 27001, and our platform is certified HDS (Health Data Hosting).

On top of that, our datacenters provider, 3DS Outscale, is certified ISO 27001 and HDS on all regions, and SecNumCloud on the osc-secnum-fr1 region.

SecNumCloud is the highest certification of the Cloud industry in France. It is delivered by the ANSSI (French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems).

This certification is based on the ISO 27001 standard, which defines the requirements and best practices for information security management, but adds new additional requirements specific to cloud actors.

Currently, Scalingo is certified ISO 27001 and HDS (Health Data Hosting), but not yet certified SecNumCloud.

The SecNumCloud qualification is a project that is currently in progress (more information to be found in the blog article about Strategy and Security at Scalingo and in HDS and ISO 27 001 announcement). Our goal is to provide the Scalingo experience in a SecNumCloud environment.

In the meantime, Scalingo already offers to host your data in the "osc-secnum-fr1" region which is based on SecNumCloud certified infrastructure provided by 3DS Outscale.

The experience and the product remains the same no matter the chosen region.

What makes `osc-secnum-fr1` a different region is that it’s based on a SecNumCloud-certified technical foundation and thus meets the most rigorous security requirements to better protect data and applications. This region is particularly adapted to the specific needs of public actors, Operators of Vital Importance (OIV).

Yes, Scalingo as a PaaS is certified HDS (Health Data Hosting) and is compliant to the requirements needed to host healthcare data in France.

All regions that we offer are certified ISO 27001 and HDS (Health Data Hosting).

If you consider using our osc-secnum-fr1 region, please contact our support. The requirements and procedure are detailed in the Scalingo documentation.

As of today, the only two regions that are available are located in Paris, France. However, Scalingo could deploy on demand on the 3DS Outscales’s datacenters located in the US.

If you are interested in accessing US based regions, please contact us.

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