Deploy, Build, Scale, Repeat.

In the blink of an eye deploy, update and scale your apps and their data in the cloud.
Forget about system administration, focus on your app development.

We are a European company using European datacenters.
We use dedicated servers.
We care about performance.
We care about the security of your data.

Just push your code and we'll take care of the rest.

When we receive your code, we package it into a Docker container and place it on our cloud, making it instantly available and scalable.
We're using the buildpack technology, thus,
if your app works on Heroku it will work on Scalingo.

Scalingo supports nearly any server side technology

List of supported technologies

You can even design your very own Docker container. Learn how.

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Our mission is to remove the pain of handling servers, application stacks, software dependencies and databases.

Scalingo is about empowering software teams to manage entire application lifecycles without direct involvement of ops/admins.

Just push your code to Scalingo and we'll take care of the rest.

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