Scalingo PaaS: Simplifying Web Development for Agencies and Freelancers

Centralized hosting and monitoring for your client projects. Deploy and deliver faster, at lower costs, with simplicity.
30-day free trial, No credit card needed
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Simplicity and Cost Optimization Combined.
For high-performing web agencies.

Our infrastructure constantly adapts to allow your agency to evolve your applications effortlessly, regardless of their size or complexity.
Free Yourself from DevOps
Scalingo handles over 90% of DevOps tasks. Boost profits by freeing up your team to focus on what they do best: creating exceptional web solutions.
Ensure Availability
Benefit from an SLA of up to 99.9% to ensure constant data availability, ensuring uninterrupted user experience for all web projects, even the most sensitive ones.
Collaborate Easily
Facilitate teamwork by easily sharing access to applications and integrating version control systems. Allow your clients to access their projects with ease.
Optimize Your Costs
Scalingo's flexible pricing model allows your agency to optimize costs by paying only for the resources used, ensuring optimal profitability in variable workloads.
Feel Supported
Launch with peace of mind. Enjoy the expertise of our support engineers, comprehensive documentation, and an active community of developers ready to share their solutions.

From PoCs to Large-Scale Deployment:
All your projects find their place on Scalingo.

Scalingo is the ideal partner for reliable and secure hosting of all your web projects. Whether you're developing innovative products, mobile applications, client spaces, business software, showcase sites, or e-commerce, we offer the robust and scalable platform your agency needs.
Hébergement Applications Mobiles
Mobile Applications
Hébergement Espaces Clients
Client Spaces
Hébergement Logiciels Métiers
Business Software
Hébergement Sites E-commerce
E-commerce Sites
Hébergement Autre Projets Agences Web
Other Web Projects

They chose Scalingo to host
deploy their client projects

“ We recommend Scalingo whenever possible because the hosting is extremely reliable, while the management effort and costs are particularly low. ”
Robin Komiwes,
Associate Director
@Dernier Cri Agency
“ With Scalingo, production deployment is very fast because we can put a web application online in just a few minutes. It's very simple, I set up everything from A to Z, then I invoice and give access to my client in just a few clicks. ”
Jérémie Loosfelt,
@9troisquarts Agency
Lafab agency logo Dernier Cri Agency Logo 9troisquarts Agency Logo /ut7 Agency logo Etamin Studio Agency Logo Aïnoudo Agency Logo Apligiciel Agency Logo Appstud Agency Logo

Forget Time-Consuming Actions

You code, We deploy, Your clients enjoy!
Choosing Scalingo means choosing the path of simplicity and guaranteed client satisfaction.
Our PaaS eliminates the hassles of managing complex infrastructure, allowing your web agency to focus fully on creating client projects.
With Scalingo, overcome technical constraints, ensure seamless scalability, and offer your clients high-performing web solutions without logistical worries. Simplify your daily routine, excel in your achievements, and make client satisfaction a certainty.

Maximum Versatility.
Choose your favorite languages and databases.

Explore the endless possibilities with Scalingo.
Supported Languages and Frameworks: Scalingo officially supports over 50 technologies and frameworks. The platform is extensible through the buildpack mechanism: you can host any technology on Scalingo!
Supported Databases: Scalingo supports the main databases on the market so you can focus on developing your app and easily deploy it without having to manage servers.

Our Guarantees for Hosted Data Security

Health Data Host
The HDS, or Health Data Hosting certification, developed by the National Digital Health Agency, attests to our ability to meet the highest security and confidentiality requirements for managing and protecting health data.
ISO 27OO1 certified
Obtaining the ISO 27001 certification means that Scalingo has implemented a set of procedures defined by experts from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to ensure a high level of information security management.
SecNumCloud Core
We offer a SecNumCloud 3.2 qualified region on 3DS Outscale certified datacenters in France. In parallel, we are working on our own SecNumCloud visa acquisition.

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