Elasticsearch hosting

Deploy Elasticsearch in less seconds than it takes to grab a coffee.
Fully managed, highly-available & production ready.

Elasticsearch is for search, combining the flexibility of a full text search engine with the power of a JSON document database’s indexing. It comes together to create a powerful tool for rich data analysis on large volumes of data ready to power catalogs, autocompletion, log analysis and more. Your searches can be fuzzy with Elasticsearch and the results get scored for relevance making it ideal for looking for near misses and close matches.

Elasticsearch on Scalingo

No server to manage, nor operating system, we take care of everything. Provision a database in seconds. Make yourself and your customers happy, concentrate on your real added value: the data you're storing!
Hosting, upgrading, scaling and managing your Elasticsearch database is a problem from the past.

What's included?

The Magic of the Cloud

Provision Elasticsearch clusters on-demand. Never think about machines and never install software. We give you the connection details, and you're good to go! The best of it: we bill by the minute.

The Power of Docker

Your Elasticsearch server is a dedicated process sealed in a Docker container in all of our plans. You can seamlessly switch between plans with ease in a few seconds, from the Sandbox plan to the Business 32G plan and all plans in between.

High Availability (HA)

All Business plans include a 3 nodes cluster setup. Experience zero downtime operations while upgrading versions or going from a single node setup to a 3 nodes cluster, and back.


SSL connections and Encryption at Rest are enabled in all plans.

Optimal Elasticsearch Performance

Enjoy SSD-like performance on our SAN-backed and dedicated Elasticsearch processes on all of our plans.

Real time metrics, queries and logs

For easy monitoring and auditing, browse real time RAM/CPU statistics, queries and logs.


Everybody needs backups your data is critical. We take care of them, daily. Encrypted and stored externally.

Expert Care and Support

Get advice from our team of experts.


Popular Elasticsearch plugins like ingest-attachments (formerly mapper-attachments) are activable with just one click.

Pricing of Elasticsearch databases

Billing is done by the minute. Price displayed is computed for a total of 30 days. All plan include multiple users, daily backups (except free plan) and email support (except free plan). Price for over plan disk space: 2€/GB. For all your Elasticsearch specific needs, ask sales.

Plan RAM Disk space Price/month
Sandbox 320MB 256MB Free
Starter Mono-node, SLA 98%.
Starter 512M 512MB 2.5GB €7.20
Starter 1G 1GB 5GB €14.40
Starter 2G 2GB 10GB €28.80
Starter 4G 4GB 20GB €57.60
Business Multi-node clusters, SLA 99.96%.
Business 512M 512MB 5GB €31.25
Business 1G 1GB 10GB €62.50
Business 2G 2GB 20GB €125.00
Business 4G 4GB 40GB €250.00
Business 8G 8GB 80GB €500.00
Business 16G 16GB 160GB €1,000.00
Business 32G 32GB 320GB €2,000.00

Need a plan not listed here?

Contact a sales representative!

One platform
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With a single click, you can provision a highly performant database in the cloud. Scale seamlessly and instantly from sandbox instances to high memory instances.