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Sandbox Starter Business
RAM 320 MB 512 MB - 32 GB 512 MB - 32 GB
Included storage 256 MB 10 GB - 640 GB 10 GB - 640 GB
SLA N/A 98% 99.96%
Number of nodes 1 1 3
One click upgrades to new versions
Switch between plans seamlessly
Performance graphs & Logs
Encryption at rest
HIgh Availability

Scalingo is there for you!

We use the Gigabyte-Hour (GB·h) unit measure for disk usage. This is a storage unit that sums, for each hour, the number of stored gigabytes on the disk.

This means that we monitor how much data is being used every hour. This metric represents your database disk usage in GB·h.

With your selected plan, comes an estimated included storage in GB. In practice, this included storage is calculated in GB·h.

At the end of each month, we will sum up the total amount of GB·h used by your database.

If this sum is over your monthly included storage, each extra GB·h will be billed with the following rates:

- 0.007€/Gigabyte-hour for Starter plans
- 0.014€/Gigabyte-hour for Business plans (if data is replicated 2 times, by default)
- 0.021€/Gigabyte-hour for Business plans (if data is replicated 3 times)

When it comes to Elasticsearch, we will consider that it fits in the 2-nodes cluster tier for over quota, despite Elasticsearch being a 3-nodes cluster for deployments.

This is because, for Elasticsearch, the data is only replicated 2 times by default, but it’s dispatched within the 3-nodes.

For example, if you store 10GB of data, this data will be replicated twice making it 20GB, and this replicated data will be dispatched equally between the 3-nodes cluster of Elasticsearch.

However, users are able to manually change the data replication to 3 times instead of 2, and this would make Elasticsearch over quota billed as a 3-nodes cluster at a price of 0.021€/Gigabyte-hour for Business plans.

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Scalingo offers a top-notch product to deploy any kind of web application.
Scale automatically with the autoscaling feature. Enjoy Continuous Deployment without handling servers.
High Availability (up to 99,9% SLA) and automatic backups. Host any kind of languages with buildpacks. Always find up to date versions.
Security built-in: Scalingo auto-heals itself from security vulnerabilities in OS, databases and application stacks.

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