French Government Startup Program

Discover Scalingo's French Government Startup Program and enjoy unfair advantages and perks. A program thought of and made exclusively for French Government Startups.

The program made for French Governement Startups

As a French cloud hosting company dedicated to the digital sovereignty of France and the European Union, Scalingo is committed to facilitating the start-up of French digital public services incubated within BetaGouv at the DINUM as well as in all the incubators of the BetaGouv network.

That’s why Scalingo offers €100/month for 6 months to all French Government Startups. This should give you time to build the prototype of your service. If it starts, strong you will only pay the excess over €100 on your monthly bill.

French Governement Startups like Pix, AidantsConnect, Civils de la Défense or PassCulture have already taken advantage of the offer and have been able to grow serenely thanks to the Scalingo PaaS.

Benefits of Scalingo's French Government Startup Program

6 months of free hosting
We offer for startups 600€ during the first 6 months (up to 100€ per month).
No servers to manage, no infrastructure. You only focus on the code, we take care of the rest.
Top-notch technical support
Amazing customer service with only developers. For Free. Average median response time : 10 minutes !
Integrated GitOps
Implement Continuous Deployment from your GitHub and GitLab repositories.
Data hosted in Europe
We use certified datacenters in Paris from our trusted partner. We are GDPR compliant.
Up to date technologies
Your technology is on Scalingo. We host more than 50 different technologies and the most used databases on the market.

Advantages of a PaaS
for a startup

Save time: As a startup, time is your most precious asset. No servers, no infrastructure to manage
Save money: On average Scalingo's client save 20% time every month.
Sleep well: Your data is secured with Scalingo's high availability cloud platform. (99,9% SLA)

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The program is made for French government startups.
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