Scalingo Docker Image addon

Docker Image Building as a Service

Discover the Scalingo Docker Image addon

Use Docker images built by Scalingo on your own laptop or infrastructure.
No server to manage, nor operating system, just push your code, we take care of the rest. Try Scalingo today and get 30 days free trial.

What's included?

Ubiquity of Docker, friendliness of Scalingo

Each time you push some code to Scalingo, a build is triggered, resulting in the construction of a new Docker image. When this build phase is successful, we deploy this image and try to run it in our own cloud. This addon lets you download every Docker image that has been built by Scalingo.

Docker Integration Platform

You push your code from one side and get a generic Docker image on the other. You can then use the Scalingo platform to get on demand, instantly ready staging environments and run the final Docker image on any public cloud, private cloud or bare metal servers.

Build your app for restricted environments

You or your customers are running their own infrastructure (Big Co, MedTech, other legal reason)? No problem, build your Docker images here, and bring them back in the target environment.

Dev/Prod parity

Get your production running environment on your workstation. Reproduce bugs, get more information from there, and ensure they won't reproduce anymore.

Pricing of Scalingo Docker Image add-on

Billing is done by the minute. Price displayed is computed for a total of 30 days. For all your Scalingo Docker Image specific needs, ask sales.

Plan Description Price/month

Download the last 20 Docker images


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