How Mayane Labs develops digital solutions to adapt to climate change with Scalingo


Faced with the current climate challenges, adapting to said challenges has become a necessity for all citizens and businesses. It is for that reason that innovative solutions such as Mayane Labs have been created to help us achieve this adaptation process.

The Mayane Labs team is aware of this and has taken on the challenge of helping its clients implement new digital solutions that adapt to the changes we are experiencing.

Recently, we had the opportunity to interview Arnaud Bétrémieux, Mayane Labs' Chief Technical Director. He allowed us to gain a more in depth understanding of their activity and how they use the Scalingo PaaS to help their customers.

Today, we invite you to discover what Mayane Labs is all about, and to learn more about their internal operations in this article!

Mayane Labs makes the climate transition more accessible to everyone

Founded in 2020, Mayane Labs is a research organization building on the experience of the Mayane group. The company specializes in the design of innovative digital tools that aim to transform organizations in the face of climate challenges.

Mayane Labs specializes in the development of digital tools, but also in research.

The company offers its clients an integrated approach that centralizes the entire research and development process, with the goal of providing them with a turnkey solution tailored to their specific needs.

The process begins with an assessment step that exposes the specific risks that a project faces with respect to climate-related changes.

This step is crucial and requires access to a vast array of data to produce an effective audit. It is therefore Mayane Labs' role to perform advanced analyses, thanks to the data they have collected.

Its work consists of implementing their knowledge and applying it on a large scale in order to model and evaluate the risk and propose a solution adapted to their clients' needs.

Mayane Labs thus creates a customized offer, and delivers to its clients a turnkey solution, with all the necessary tools for the implementation and monitoring of its performance.

Historically, Mayane Labs' clients have been local authorities, but today they can also be individuals or companies. On the corporate side, their clients range from insurance companies to industry, landowners, and agricultural cooperatives. All of them have a common objective: the adaptation to the risks linked to climate change.

For example, a retail chain may want to have its stores audited to understand and assess flood risk, and get Mayane Labs' expertise to help determine how to protect itself and how to implement it.

Mayane Labs on the technical side

On the technical side, the Mayane Labs team includes 5 developers accompanied by Arnaud Bétrémieux, the CTO.

Their infrastructure includes applications mainly written in Python and PHP and relies on PostGIS databases that allow them to manipulate SQL data with geographic components.

Mayane Labs hosts at Scalingo 2 applications on 4 different environments: demo, test, internship and production. The diagram above represents the architecture of the production environment.

Thus, the central piece of the architecture is the "mayane-api-production" API which is hosted on Scalingo and works with a PostgreSQL and PostGIS database, especially for everything related to geographic analysis.

Then there is the "mayane-alabri-production" application, which is also hosted on our PaaS and is used with one-off containers for everything related to data processing.

What are one-off containers?

Thanks to them, Scalingo users benefit from all the advantages of a PaaS, in addition to the advantages of serverless, such as pay-per-use. To learn more, read the Studo x Scalingo customer case.

In parallel, Mayane Labs hosts their progressive web app (PWA) on Netlify, and uses Google Cloud Platform to host other larger data but is looking into the possibility of migrating to Scalingo. For example, Arnaud revealed that the data related to France alone represents more than 800GB.

How Mayane Labs uses Scalingo PaaS

For more than 3 years now, the Scalingo PaaS has been an integral part of Mayane Labs developers' daily life.

During our interview, we were able to develop with Arnaud how they use the platform, and how Scalingo helps them in their daily activity.

Fast deployments with Git

First of all, the first thing Arnaud mentioned was the speed of deployments, and the ease of use thanks to the Git integration.

“ Deployment happens quickly and the Git integration makes it so much easier. ”
Arnaud Bétrémieux
Arnaud Bétrémieux

He explained to us that deploying applications on Scalingo is particularly easy with the one-click deployment and the Git integration. Note that it is possible to deploy with Git but also Github, Gitlab and from an archive.

This simplifies the deployment process, and makes the work of their developers easier.

Data processing with one-offs

One of the features that Mayane Labs uses most frequently on the platform is undoubtedly the one-offs.

These containers with a limited lifespan are used by the team of developers to launch various data treatments that participate in the risk modeling that Mayane Labs does.

In this case, each one-off is launched to process data from a specific region of France, and this allows Mayane Labs to update a common database for the entire country.

Efficient support

Arnaud also mentioned that one of the strong points of the platform is the support and that their experience with it has always been positive.

“ We are happy with the support, we always manage to get quick and efficient help. ”
Arnaud Bétrémieux
Arnaud Bétrémieux

This is a guarantee that in case of a problem, Scalingo's technical team will be easily accessible and will work to provide efficient assistance to bring a quick response.

To recap

Mayane Labs develops solutions to adapt to the risks associated with climate change and offers a turnkey solution to its clients.

This involves a complete audit of the client's situation and the use of a large amount of data to assess the risks and guide them in developing an optimized solution.

For more than 3 years, Mayane Labs' developers have been using Scalingo's PaaS on a daily basis. For them, the Scalingo platform has many strong points including

  • Fast one-click deployment with Git integration
  • One-off containers for data processing
  • A powerful and reactive support

A Mayane Labs x Scalingo collaboration that allows many customers to protect themselves from climate risks in a changing environment!

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