Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy covers the data collection and processing practices of Scalingo SAS (“Scalingo”) and takes effect as of 3rd February 2015.

We take good care of all personal data that we collect during the provision of our services. Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the security of your personal data.

1. Who collects and processes the data?

Data is collected by Scalingo SAS, located in Strasbourg, France. The collection of personal data has been declared to the CNIL (French Data Protection Authority).

2. What kind of information is collected?

The information you provide during registration:

Contact information: your name, company name, address, phone number and e-mail address.

Financial information: your credit card number and billing information (tax ID, VAT number) – by registering this data, you are consenting to our issuing an invoice and charging your credit card. Credit card numbers are handled by Stripe (our payment gateway). Scalingo only charges your credit card for payments.

The information automatically obtained by Scalingo when you use Scalingo’s services: IP addresses of the computer you use to access our services, browser type and browser language.

The abovementioned contact information, financial information and information obtained by Scalingo are automatically referred to as personal data.

Scalingo also has access to other data stored and processed by users, such as the application source code, databases used by the applications, files generated by the applications and the history of user transactions. However, Scalingo does not own, transfer, share, control or direct the use any of this information on any condition. Only the users themselves may retrieve and direct the use of such information.

3. Why do we collect your personal data?

All of the personal data collected is processed solely to perform the services requested or for marketing purposes specific to Scalingo.

For the above-mentioned purposes, the data may, in particular, be used:

  • to help diagnose problems with our servers and to administer the website;
  • to keep track of your activities on the website in order to determine your preferences, so that the service can be adapted to your requirements and needs;
  • to operate and improve the website;
  • to contact you about your interest in the services offered;
  • to protect our rights and property, and the rights of the website’s users;
  • to ensure an efficient technical service;

4. How do we store and use the data collected?

All your personal data, the data contained in the registration form and any other data obtained when you use our services are stored and processed in a manner consistent with the requirements of French law.

Personal and other data is stored on the Server. Adequate protection for all data on the Server is provided as follows:

Appropriate security measures are set up to protect your data from unauthorized access, unauthorized alteration, disclosure and destruction. They include internal auditing of the data collected, storing and processing procedures and safety measures in the form of physical security measures to protect against unauthorized access to the systems storing your personal data.

Access to your personal data is limited to certain entities and individuals, i.e. our subcontractors, technicians, service providers, collaborators and other agents, when necessary to support the development or improvement of the services and in relation to the provision of services to you. These entities and individuals are bound by obligations of confidentiality and, in the event of non-compliance with these obligations, shall be subject to disciplinary measures, including termination of the agreement or contract and penalties under criminal law.

5. Why do we use personal data?

Scalingo’s team does not access or interact with customer data or applications as part of normal operations. There may be cases where Scalingo is requested to interact with customer data or applications at the request of the customer for support purposes or when required by law. We shall not sell your personal data nor make it available to third parties through any commercial practice.

6. With whom may your personal data may be shared?

The personal data collected may be shared with other entities or individuals only in circumstances permitted by law and only in the following circumstances:

  1. financial data shall be made available to payment services solely in order to implement the Internet payment in connection with your use of the services.
  2. data shall be transmitted at the request of the Courts, the public prosecution department, the police or any other legal authority in the event of an infringement of the law by the user.
  3. we use third party analytical services to analyse your use of our services. In particular, we transmit a limited amount of your data (such as your email address and sign-up date) to Intercom, Inc. (“Intercom”) and we use Intercom to collect data for analytical purposes when you visit our website or use our product. Intercom analyses your use of our website and/or product and our relationship with you, so that we can improve the services we offer you. We may also use Intercom as a medium for communication, either by email, or via messages within our product(s). As part of their service to us, Intercom also collects publicly available contact and social information related to you, such as your email address, gender, company, job title, photos, website URLs, social media handles and physical addresses, so that we can continue to improve our relationship with you. For more information on the privacy practices of Intercom, please consult []. Intercom’s services are governed by Intercom’s terms of use which can be found at []. If you would like to opt out of having this information collected by or submitted to Intercom, please contact us.

Scalingo reserves the right to disclose general censuses. Such statements relate mainly to general views of the services provided and do not include data allowing individual users to be identified.

7. How can you update your personal information?

As a user of the website, you have the right to access your personal data and rectify erroneous or outdated information. Users may update or change their registration information by logging in to their accounts at Requests to delete your information will be dealt with within 24 hours.

Data collected automatically and data obtained by the website administrator during your payment transactions cannot be changed or removed. Billing data will be stored for accounting purposes for as long as required. Other data will be deleted within 30 days.

8. How do we communicate with users?

For security reasons, users cannot opt out of receiving transactional e-mails related to their account with Scalingo. Communication on other subjects related to your use of the service may be conducted by e-mail, letter, telephone or any other means.

9. How is Privacy Policy changed?

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy in order to reflect changes in our services and respond to any feedback provided by our customers. However, we will never deliberately change the Privacy Policy in any way that would decrease the protection of your data. Any changes to the Privacy Policy will be published on the page [].

You will be informed about important material changes in a more visible manner (notification of changes to the Privacy Policy by e-mail). Each version of this Privacy Policy will be indicated at the top of the page together with the date it comes into force.

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Statement or how your data is handled, you may contact us at