Python flask
Stop wasting your time wrangling with servers and OSes!

Host your Python Flask web app now on Scalingo

Just push your code, we take care of the rest


Supported versions of Flask: all versions.
Supported versions of Python: 2.7.*, 3.2.*, 3.3.*, 3.4.*.

Accelerate your web product life cycle

No server to manage, nor operating system, just git push your code, we take care from eveything from there. And voilà, 2 minutes later, your website is online.
Make yourself and your customer happy, concentrate on
your real added value: your code!
Deploying, scaling and managing your Python Flask web app is
a problem from the past.

How does the magic work?

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Automagic deployment

Git push your Python Flask code, your application stack and dependencies are detected and packaged into a Docker image. It's the only thing you have to do from now, just wait for the magic to happen.

And there's more

Of course we support Python with other frameworks like Python Django as well.

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