Internship Offer - Back-End developer / Docker developer

Location: Strasbourg, France

Position Summary

You're student and you would like to work on interesting and recent technologies. Cloud computing is a field you'd like to know more.

Duration of the internship: 3 to 6 months.

Basically, a back-end developer is working on what user can't see, but which improve the globality of the platform. Most of the work of a Platform as a Service is not percieved by the final user, you will have to work on this part.


  • Knowledge in Ruby and/or Go
  • Basic notion of Docker features and how to use the engine and its API
  • Notions of devops work: automatic deployments
  • Good notion of sysadmin Linux tools

What we're building

Scalingo is a startup developping a Platform as a Service (PaaS) a cloud hosting platform.

Our mission is to make developer's daily life easier by providing on-demand software infrastructure without handling servers nor system administration knowledge.

Based in Strasbourg, France, we launched the service in 2015. We now have more than than 300 customers (50% FR, 40% EU, 10% Rest of the World).


Our culture is all about sharing and transparency. Scalingo contributes to the Open Source community. Much of our work is shared in conferences, meetups and articles.

As a nascent startup, we're all responsible of the product, the support, the happiness of our colleagues and the happiness of our customers.
Besides, we're strong believer in the lean and learning by doing approaches. Making mistake is part of the process. We take our time to train our colleagues and we're eager to learn new stuff.

We don't forget to be respectful. Our engineering team is based in Strasbourg, France. You will join a highly technical and product-driven team and contribute to what we aim to be the best Platform as a Service on the market.