Scalingo, European's 1st ISO 27001 and HDS-certified Platform-as-a-Service, joins the UGAP Cloud market


Since 2 May 2023, Scalingo joined the UGAP Cloud market, the central purchasing body for the Public Sector. Scalingo is the 1st French and European Platform-as-a-Service to be certified ISO 27001 and HDS (Health Data Hosting).

The Scalingo platform enables developers to deploy their web projects in less than 2 minutes, without having to manage servers, and by hosting all the data in France.

Sovereign cloud on a SecNumCloud platform

Scalingo PaaS offers self-service cloud solutions. They are part of the UGAP catalogue, which includes 13 IaaS and PaaS references that are immediately accessible.

Public Sector players now have access to the first Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution to be certified as a Health Data Hoster (HDS) using 3DS Outscale (Dassault Systèmes), including a region (osc-secnum-fr1) that has received SecNumCloud approval.

Scalingo's inclusion in the UGAP catalogue confirms its position as a key player in the Public Sector for PaaS solutions.

About Scalingo

Scalingo is a self-service cloud platform that helps developers, technical managers and IT departments solve the challenges of hosting applications and data.

Scalingo solutions enable companies, local authorities, start-ups, agencies and software publishers to deploy their applications without the intervention of system administrators and without having to manage servers.

Scalingo is based on the infrastructure of 3DS Outscale, a cloud subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes, with datacenter in Paris. Security, versatility, high availability (99.9% SLA) and expert support: it's the ideal solution for accelerating innovation in French and European businesses such as Pix, Plateforme de l'inclusion, Beta Gouv, the Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Ecological Transition, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of the Armed Forces, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Social Affairs, Direction Générale des Entreprises, all of which are already Scalingo customers.

About UGAP

UGAP, a national generalist public purchasing organisation, is a key player in public purchasing, with a total business volume of more than €5.88 billion excluding VAT by 2022. It meets the needs of all public bodies (1), whatever their size or order value. UGAP's offering is based on nearly 3,250 contracts awarded in accordance with public procurement rules. Its customers have access (2) to more than one million references from its suppliers.

Through the purchases it makes, UGAP is a vehicle for public procurement and support for innovation. Over 74% of its suppliers are PMEs and ETIs. 95% of its contracts include a CSR provision. UGAP has been awarded the "Responsible Supplier Relations and Purchasing" label by the Médiation des entreprises and the Conseil national des achats.

1. UGAP's customers are local authorities, government departments and public establishments, the social sector and public health establishments.

2. All public purchasers who contact UGAP are exempt from their advertising and competitive tendering obligations. UGAP customers therefore have immediate access to its entire range of products and services with a simple order form.