Scalingo-18 is the New Default Stack

One of Scalingo’s mission is to provide our customers the most up-to-date and the most secure software stack to execute their applications. That is why we continuously update our buildpacks to use the most recent version of the languages and frameworks you need. The operating system used by your application will be upgraded to use Ubuntu 18.04 by default starting today.

Applications on Scalingo are executed inside a Docker container. This Docker container is maintained by Scalingo and based on an image of a well-known Linux distribution. Since the inception of Scalingo, applications were deployed on the version 14.04 of Ubuntu. This version reached end of life and we now provide support for Ubuntu 18.04, the latest version of Ubuntu with long-term support.

Note that all buildpacks officially supported by Scalingo are compatible with this new stack.

The default stack for all newly created applications is scalingo-18. The existing scalingo-14 stack will be deprecated on 31st October 2019. After this date all applications will be migrated to the new scalingo-18 stack at their next deployment.

Migrate an Existing Application to Use scalingo-18

For existing application, the stack will remain the legacy scalingo-14 stack. However, we strongly encourage you to migrate your existing applications to use this new stack. Even though we took great care to make sure all our buildpacks are compatible with the new stack, you should test the new stack on your application staging environment.

One way to test this change is to create a review app and add a scalingo.json file containing:

  "stack": "scalingo-18"

Make sure your review app deploys successfully and works flawlessly. Once your application is ready for the new stack, switch to the last stack using the CLI with:

scalingo --app my-app stacks-set scalingo-18

Then redeploy your application:

git commit --allow-empty -m "Upgrading to scalingo-18"
git push scalingo master

Here you are, your application is now using the latest Ubuntu LTS version!

This new base stack also means that Scalingo now officially supports Python 3.7. Stay tune for an in-depth article showing the novelties of this Python release.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash