Appsdeck is about to be renamed in...

Eighteen months ago, we decided to launch the Appsdeck project. The goal was to build a better Heroku-compatible PaaS in Europe.

One year ago, after a few fruitiful months of prototyping, we thought it was the time to name the project. After an extensive brainstorming session, Leo found the name “Appsdeck”. We thought it was good enough to begin with. I mean, we knew we had a lot of tough work down the way, so why bother longer on the name?

Now, as we’re beginning the commercial phase, we put the “name” again on the table. Appsdeck is a nice name that really speaks for itself regarding what we try to achieve. However, we found out that a lot of French people (the problem is less probant with foreigners outside of France) encounter some troubles to spell the name or to say it. We think the problem lies on the 4 successive consonants. A good name should have more vowels!

That’s why Appsdeck will be renamed in the coming weeks. We’ll unveil the new name in a next blog post.