New: Database PostgreSQL 14 is now available

January 13, 2023 - 2 min read
New: Database PostgreSQL 14 is now available

We are excited to announce the release of the upgrade to PostgreSQL major version 14 in our database as a service offering at Scalingo. This upgrade brings several new features and improvements that will enhance the performance and capabilities of your database.

What’s new in PostgreSQL 14?

This new major version mostly focuses on performance improvement.

One of the main new features of PostgreSQL 14 is the addition of parallelism for CREATE INDEX and VACUUM operations. This means that these operations can now be performed in parallel, increasing their speed and efficiency. For example, the following SQL code shows how to create a parallel index on a table called "customers":

CREATE INDEX customers_idx
ON customers

Similarly, the following SQL code shows how to perform a parallel vacuum on a table called "orders":


This will greatly benefit users with large databases, as it will reduce the time it takes to perform these operations.

Another new feature of PostgreSQL 14 is the addition of partition-wise join algorithms. This allows for more efficient querying of partitioned tables, leading to improved performance and scalability. The following SQL code shows how to use partition-wise join algorithms in a query:

FROM customers
JOIN orders USING (customer_id)

This will be particularly useful for users with large, partitioned datasets.

In addition to these new features, PostgreSQL 14 also includes numerous other improvements and enhancements, such as improved performance for JSONB operations, enhanced support for JSON path queries, and improved support for partitioning.

Extensions Upgrades

Starting with PostgreSQL 13.9 and then 14.6, the following external extensions have been upgraded:

  • TimescaleDB: 2.6.0 → 2.8.1
  • PostGIS: 3.1.3 → 3.3.1

Just a click away

Upgrading to PostgreSQL 14 in our database as a service offering is easy and can be done with just one click. As a requirement, you must first have applied the last minor version update from the 13.x version. The upgrade process will be seamless and downtime will be limited to a couple minutes for both starter and business plans.

We encourage all our customers to take advantage of these new features and improvements by upgrading to PostgreSQL 14. If you have any questions or need assistance with the upgrade, our team is here to help. Simply contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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Étienne Michon
Étienne Michon
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