Happy new year 2016 and the roadmap for Q1 2016

In the name of the Team Scalingo, I’d like to wish you an happy new year!

We’d like to share with you our roadmap for the first quarter of 2016. It’s the result of customer feedbacks and what we think will be great additions to the platform. For those who subscribed to the newsletter, you will also receive our wishes and a link to a customer feedbacks form.

So here is our roadmap items, in no particular order:

  • new database dashboard for our in-house developed addons (Scalingo MySQL, Scalingo PostgreSQL, Scalingo MongoDB, Scalingo Redis and Scalingo Elasticsearch). It will include a revamped UI to match with our new main dashboard and will include long awaited statistics panel
  • New Paypal payment mean. In addition to credit card payment, you will be able to pay your invoices through Paypal
  • New VPN addon. Developed with the help of a customer, it’s a great addon if you want to access secure resources from your Scalingo apps.
  • Downloadable Docker image. Everytime you push your code on Scalingo, we build a Docker image that we’ll run on our platform. You will be able to download this Docker image and docker run it. This feature will certainly be accessible through an addon.
  • S3-like storage solution
  • Shared filesystem between containers of the same app. Will certainly be based on s3fs and the aforementioned S3-like storage solution. You will be able to mount a directory that will be shared among all the containers currently running for your app. While it won’t be our prefered solution (especially because of the scalability problems side effect) a lot of customers are asking for such a solution for simple apps or legacy apps.
  • Deploy Hooks. Be alerted in Slack when one of your teammates deploy on Scalingo :)
  • New version of MongoDB (3.x and 3.2.x) and Elasticsearch (2.x) with upgrade methods
  • Industrialize Tmpfs usage to speed up build process (currently in testing on various projects)

More details about all this stuff in the coming weeks :)

If there’s some features that you’d like us to implement, let us know!

Yann Klis, CEO