Meteor support, ready to scale!

Two weeks ago, we announced the support of the Javascript framework Meteor. But we wanted to go further, this post is about advanced support of this technology.

After exchanging messages with the  Meteor community, we realized that some features were still missing. We wanted people to be able to deploy and scale their applications without thinking about anything else than their apps.

To achieve that we just added two features to our platform:

  • Oplog: This is a feature of MongoDB clusters, it creates a rotating log of all the operations done in the database.  Meteor requires this feature to ensure the syncing between the instances of a common application. (Documentation) Otherwise the framework would use polling everythin 10 seconds which results in really slow syncing compared to the ‘real time’ point of view.

This feature is optional for MongoDB databases, and can be installed from any Mongo addon dashboard.

  • Sticky Sessions:  Meteor is not completely a stateless service, some pieces of information are stored in an instance of the application. That is why we added this feature to our load balancers.

When your application is using Meteor and is using more than one ‘web’ containers, this is automatic, a given user session will be routed to the same instance during the next hour.

We are now scaling-ready to host Meteor  apps. We’d like to hear from you on this new set of features. If you need to scale a meteor application keep in touch with us.