Important Upgrade: MongoDB 3.6.16

December 09, 2019 - 5 min read
Important Upgrade: MongoDB 3.6.16

MongoDB notified us of a potential risk of data corruption in MongoDB 3.6.14 and 3.6.15. We released the version 3.6.16 which fixes the issue and we will automatically upgrade the impacted databases.


This issue triggers under some conditions:

  • A query which updates the size of values within documents such as $set to change string values or operators like $push and $pull.
  • A node suffers an unclean shutdown (like a crash for instance).
  • When restarting, the node replays the journal to reach a consistent state of data.

The most common symptom of this document-level corruption is the message BSONElement: Bad Type when accessing or modifying affected documents.

If you are currently experiencing such issue, please contact the support so that we can assist you in recovering your data.

More information in this issue.

When Can I Upgrade?

MongoDB 3.6.16 is already available. The platform will automatically upgrade your database in the next hours if it currently runs one of the impacted versions.

If you're running a MongoDB Business plan the upgrade will be done without any downtime.

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Étienne Michon
Étienne Michon
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