Scalingo is now available on 3DS Outscale Paris

July 01, 2019 - 5 min read
Scalingo is now available on 3DS Outscale Paris

Scalingo announces today the full availability of its containerized PaaS solution on 3DS Outscale, the cloud of Dassault Systèmes, with immediate effect. Initially available on their Paris datacenter, Scalingo will be available later this year on all Outscale's datacenters around the world.

Our Vision of a Sovereign PaaS Hosting Solution

Since the beginning, we've been committed to build the best PaaS on the market, the easiest way for developers to deliver their projects on the cloud with a mix of operational excellence, human technical support and data protection (remember we're from Europe where GDPR was born).

In parallel, our vision for Scalingo has always been to offer a sovereign PaaS: a Platform as a Service available in multiple geographical regions where each region is isolated and independent from each other, starting with the France and European region.

Transparency. Saying that we're committed to sovereignty and data protection is easy. We think we have to prove our claims. Being transparent in our operations and how we build our platform is very important. It could be with a transparent and simple pricing grid, human understandable invoices, open sourcing key features and of course writing down our Data Processing Agreement.

Ensure security. We know that the security requirements of our customers evolve through time. Those requirements were lower 10 years ago and they will be higher 10 years in the future. Of course we take security seriously and our goal is to enable security features in the easiest manner for developers so they don't have to fiddle with complicated settings and can concentrate more on the code they are writing and less on DevOps.

The road to compliance. Showing proofs also means that we're working on getting certifications. Offering Scalingo on top of Outscale which is ISO 27001 certified will help us along that way.

Multi-Regions Aware

Before opening new regions, Scalingo had to be multi-regions aware (!).

Region is completely autonomous and independent. Applications and databases are managed by a local scheduler which is handling the resources of its region. This is also true for the servers managing deployments (aka builders), this set of servers is also dedicated to a precise region. This has been designed to ensure that network streams are contained into the datacenter of the region.

HTTP(S) application routers are local to each region. It means that if an application is hosted in a region, all the traffic coming from your users to this web application is directly going to this region. No added latency or intermediary router. It is also the case for SSH Entrypoints (for git push deployment operations), developers will push directly to the region responsible for the app, no higher level routing is present.

Authentication and Billing are the only centralized services. As those services store Personally Identifying Information (PII) they will be always located in our Paris region to ensure a high level of legal protection for our customers under the umbrella of the GDPR.

Why 3DS Outscale?

3DS Outscale is a top tier European cloud provider. It's the cloud division of Dassault Systèmes, the maker of the famous Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software CATIA.

Compliance. Outscale is ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 certified. It's a foundation Scalingo will be able to build upon for its own certifications.

Data sovereignty. The 3DS Outscale Cloud is provided by local 3DS Outscale companies, guaranteeing multi‐sovereignty and that each zone is sealed. You can choose where your data is located according to your security policy and local regulations.

Operational Excellence. The motto at Outscale is "Excellence as a Service" showed by the high satisfaction approval of their technical support.

Globally available. Outscale offers datacenters all around the globe: Paris, US East, US West, Hong Kong (and soon Japan it seems!). Now that Scalingo is multi-regions aware we'll be able to open new regions everywhere where Outscale datacenters exist. Expect Scalingo to open new regions in North America and Asia before the end of the year.


What does it mean for existing customers?

Existing customers will be able to see the historical Paris region based on Agora Calycé and the new Paris region based on Outscale. They will be able to create new resources on the zone based on Outscale.

What does it mean for new customers?

New customers will only see the Paris region based on Outscale nicknamed "osc-fr1".

When will Scalingo be able available outside of Europe (US, Asia)?

Tentative target date is Q4 2019.

Will the region based on Agora Calycé be decommissioned?

At this time we don't plan to stop the region based on Agora Calycé. If existing customers want to migrate their applications and databases to the new zones they can do it by themselves or ask advices on the support.

Tools will be released to ease this migration (and migrations between regions in general), they will be released in the coming weeks, most applications will be able to enjoy 1-click migration with their databases with minimal interruption.

How to access the different regions


You can go on to access a region selector as each region owns its own URL:

Command line interface:

Our CLI has been updated to be compatible with the different regions:

# List available regions for your account
scalingo regions

# Definition by configuration
scalingo config --region osc-fr1

# Definition by environment
SCALINGO_REGION=osc-fr1 scalingo apps

# Definition by flag
scalingo --region osc-fr1 apps

Photo by Chris Karidis on Unsplash

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Yann Klis
Yann Klis
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