PHP Developers, we love you!

We have recently introduced a new way to deploy your PHP applications.

A new PHP buildpack has been integrated. We moved from the legacy stack apache + php-cgi, to nginx + php-fpm. As the PHP platform is getting better and more structured, we are following its evolution. Composer is now used by default to build your apps and we encourage you to use it.

Of course, all the latest versions of PHP are available 5.5.15/5.4.31/5.3.28, as soon as a new version is released, it will be integrated and redeploying your application will be enough to upgrade it.

Another improvement of our build system for PHP is the support of all the most common frameworks out of the box, without any configuration for you:

  • Symfony 2
  • Cake PHP 2
  • Change 4
  • Magento
  • Silex
  • Slim
  • Zend Framework 2

If the framework you’re using is not included, don’t worry, you can extend our buildpack from your app directly, you can find the documentation at If you think that your modifications should be available for everybody, don’t hesitate to open a pull request.

Of course this buidpack is open-source, you can find it on our GitHub account. Have a look, send us feedbacks, each of your comments is useful. We want your experience to be the best possible.

Finally, if you’re excited about Hack and HHVM, we’re already working to integrate these two technologies into our buildpack. Stay tuned for clean and efficient HHVM support for your apps!

– Léo - CTO @ Appsdeck