New stack available: scalingo-20

October 22, 2021 - 3 min read
New stack available: scalingo-20

Scalingo aims at providing your application an up-to-date and secure environment.

The operating system used by your application can now use the latest Ubuntu long-term support version 20.04.

On Scalingo, the operating system used by the applications is named a stack. The stack based on Ubuntu 20.04 is named scalingo-20.

As a developer this means that you can update your operating system with no effort. We manage the QA on all technologies officially supported with our buildpacks.

This new stack is available starting today but is not yet the default. The default stack for all newly created applications will be scalingo-20 starting on the 30th of November 2021.

Note that all buildpacks officially supported by Scalingo are compatible with this new stack.

The release of this new stack does not mean the current scalingo-18 stack will be dropped yet. Being based on Ubuntu 18.04, Scalingo will support the stack scalingo-18 until the end of its official support in April 2023.

How To Migrate an Existing Application To Use Scalingo-20

For existing application, the stack will remain the scalingo-18 stack. Please note that for now scalingo-18 stack will be maintained and not deprecated.

If you migrate to the scalingo-20 stack you will benefit from a longer support. scalingo-20 end of life is scheduled for April 2025 (vs April 2023 for scalingo-18).

A guide to test the migration to a new stack is available on our documentation. Here is an excerpt of this page.

Create a review app containing a scalingo.json:

  "stack": "scalingo-20"

With such a file, the deployed review app uses the new scalingo-20 stack. Make sure your review app successfully deploys and works trouble-free. Eventually switch your main application to the scalingo-20 stack with:

scalingo --app my-app stacks-set scalingo-20

And redeploy your application:

git commit --allow-empty -m "Upgrading to scalingo-20"
git push scalingo master

Your application is now using the latest Ubuntu long-term support version! \o/

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Étienne Michon
Étienne Michon
Étienne Michon is one of the first employee at Scalingo. With a PhD in computer science Étienne takes care of Research and Development at Scalingo. He also regularly contributes to this blog with technical articles.

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