We've just entered the private beta phase

We’ve been eating our own dog food since the end of august, and for the past few weeks we’ve invited some close friends to test Appsdeck.

Although we don’t have any data stores add-ons yet (*), we feel it’s the right time to open the private beta phase. For a start, we’re sending invitation to a few people we know a little bit. But don’t feel desesperate, we’ll broaden the private beta in the coming weeks ;-)

So, thank you to our first testers!

If you’re a beta tester, you can test the buildpacks and Procfile integration and of course the “containerisation” of your code. That means that you can test now the equivalent of a “dyno” on Heroku but on the Appsdeck platform.

(*) we still plan to have a first data store add-on at the end of the month, the MongoDB one