Why Appsdeck?

Experienced web developers are building more and more sophisticated applications through years. We know the hassle it can be to setup and to maintain databases, search engines or other external services that our apps depends on.

That’s why we were thrilled to see PaaS (Platform as a Service) like Heroku or Dotcloud being developed and more and more used by very different kinds of developers.

However, we see two major problems to these platforms:

  1. They’re mainly based in the US: even though network latency can be a concern, latest news about PRISM is a more tough and direct problem for European developers and European companies.
  2. Their price/performance ratio can be very difficult to understand or grasp.

That’s why we’re buidling Appsdeck.eu: an European alternative to american PaaS. Our servers are located in Europe, and more precisely in Strasbourg, France. And to ensure a good price/performance ratio, we’re using Docker and we can even tell you that we’re using dedicated servers from OVH.

For those of you using or willing to use Heroku, don’t be afraid: we’re keen on having the same simplicity and immediacy with Appsdeck. Count on Procfile, Buildpacks (*) and environment variables support. We’ll have some compatibility mechanisms to ensure a seamless migration from Heroku to Appsdeck. Deploying on Appsdeck will just be a git push away!

(*) yep that means that nearly all languages and platform can be used on Appsdeck