Why are we technology agnostic?

If you’ve ever browsed our ‘Supported Technologies’ page, you may have noticed that we’re are supporting quite a lot of different stacks.

We think it is part of the goals you may expect from a platform like Scalingo. In the era of microservices , you should be free to use the language, the framework and the database which suits your needs the best. Furthermore, all those services should be able to live in the same infrastructure with the same ease of deployment and maintenance on the long term. We achieve this feature through the use of buildpacks.

Buildpacks are open source pieces of technology popularised by Heroku which are used when you git push your code on Scalingo. In fact a buildpack is a set of scripts which detects the language of your application, compiles and installs its dependencies and defines how your application should be started. You can find all our buildpacks on our Github account.

If you need a specific stack which we don’t support natively, you can even write your own custom buildpack which can be completely tailored to your needs. We’ll talk about that more specifically in a following blog post.