Region agora-fr1 Will Be Decommissioned On August 31st

June 15, 2020 - 10 min read
Region agora-fr1 Will Be Decommissioned On August 31st

The region agora-fr1 will be decommissioned on August 31st 2020. We urge our customers to migrate their applications and data to our more modern and more secure osc-fr1 region.


The region agora-fr1 is the first region Scalingo has been deployed to. In fact the platform was live on this infrastructure before the concept of region even exists. It's based on the infrastructure provided by Agora Calyce.

Ever since this first deployment, our needs have evolved. The platform integrates more and more into it's underlying infrastructure also known as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

That's why we partnered with Outscale which provides a powerful, certified and reliable Infrastructure as a Service available in multiple locations around the world.

As we considered internally for a few months the region agora-fr1 to be legacy, we're now officializing that it will be stopped on August 31st 2020.

Of course we won't let down our customers currently hosting applications and data on this region. Project Storky will help them migrate their applications and data to the osc-fr1 region automatically. For more complex situations our support will help. Don't hesitate to contact us.

As our Terms of Services authorize us to do so we'll migrate all leftovers applications and databases to the osc-fr1 region by ourselves on August 24th. Customers should migrate and check their application and data before this date.


July 1st: First warning message

August 1st: Second warning message

August 24th: Automatic migration of leftovers

August 31st: Official decommission date of agora-fr1

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Yann Klis
Yann Klis
Yann Klis co-founded Scalingo. Scalingo's vision is to offer a european sovereign cloud housting platform for developers. Today Scalingo hosts thousands of web applications from customers located all over the world. Before that Yann founded Novelys a web studio specialised in Ruby on Rails technology.

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