Your 2019 at Scalingo, Wrapped

January 10, 2020
Your 2019 at Scalingo, Wrapped

The team at Scalingo has been hard at work in year 2019: New Region, High Availability databases, GitHub/GitLab integration, Open Source releases and security.

New Region

On the 1st of July we announced the grand opening of a new region based on the infrastructure of 3DS Outscale, the IaaS cloud from Dassault Systèmes. This new region is located in Paris, France. Other regions located everywhere there's an Outscale datacenter will follow.

High Availability Databases

During 2019 we strengthened Scalingo to be the most powerful PaaS on the market: when we say that Scalingo comes with "batteries included" we mean with a powerful Database as a Service offering.

Scalingo is the first European Platform as a Service to offer on-demand and completely managed clusters for MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis and PostgreSQL.

GitHub/GitLab Integration

Early September we released our deep integration with GitLab and GitHub Enterprise allowing the creation of Review Apps from Pull/Merge Requests, i.e. temporary environments running the source code of the Pull/Merge Request against a clone of the production environment.

Open Source Releases

We shared two projects with the Open Source community to help developers who wants to build Software-Defined Network and High Availability solutions:

  • January 30th: LinK, a virtual IP manager backed by etcd
  • May 16th: SAND, an autonomous service managing overlay networks that integrates with Docker

Security Mechanisms to Protect Your Data

All your databases got Encryption at Rest by default.

One of the responsibility of Scalingo as a platform is to be always up-to-date. We monitor state of the art practices around cryptography. That's why we deprecated old TLS versions and have an always up-to-date list of TLS ciphers used on the platform.

What to Expect in 2020

We're already working on MySQL HA which will be based on MySQL 8. The long awaited new dashboard will see its deployment (soon™). You can also expect the availability of new regions.

And many new and exciting stuff, check our Public Roadmap!

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Yann Klis
Yann Klis
Yann Klis co-founded Scalingo. Scalingo's vision is to offer a european sovereign cloud housting platform for developers. Today Scalingo hosts thousands of web applications from customers located all over the world. Before that Yann founded Novelys a web studio specialised in Ruby on Rails technology.

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